Pilates instructor

level 3

Level 3 Pilates Instructor
Start Date:
 February 2024

Pre Requisites: Level 2 Gym Instructor

YMCA Credits: 37

Duration: 12 Weeks

Day 1 – 4 Module 1
Day 5 – 8 Module 2
Day 9 – 12 Module 3
Day 13  Practical and theory exams  at Green Pilates Movement Studios


Assessment: 1 Practical exam, 1 multiple choice exams

Location: Home Learning, theory and practical sessions at Green Pilates Movement Studios

Tutor: Yolande Green

Cost: £2000

If you require monthly payment scheme of 3 payments of £700 final payment must be made before the final practical exam day.


Being a Level 3 Pilates Instructor will give you the job satisfaction you deserve.

The course will train you on how to teach a class with practical motivational teaching. It also has a clinical approach covering anatomy.

YMCA SaysThis qualification is aimed at learners who wish to work in an unsupervised capacity; planning, instructing and evaluating a safe and effective Pilates session.’


You Will Learn To:

Anatomy and Physiology required when exercise programming and designing for a range of clients.

Importance of professionalism, customer service, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Knowledge and understanding of commonly occurring medically controlled diseases and health conditions.

Understanding the principles and fundamentals of Pilates.

How to plan and programme a Pilates session for groups and individuals.

How to deliver a Pilates session.

Next Course Start Date: February 2024

success stories

Meet our students who have passed and thrive as Pilates Instructors:

having danced for 21 years Claire always had a passion to have a career in the fitness industry.

Working for herself and in fitness clubs Claire has very successful classes – specialising in working with the elderly – keeping them fit!!

Clare Tabard

fully qualified - Level 3 Pilates Instructor, Level 2 Step Instructor, Level 2 ETM Instructor