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"If you've have any doubts, don't! Just book it, you won't regret it for a second. I won't lie, it's hard work but so worth it and I wouldn't have wanted to study with anyone else." - Tess Gustard, fully qualified ETM and Step Instructor


"I would recommend these courses to anyone looking to start out in a career in fitness!" Tina Paige, fully qualified ETM and Step Instructor



Gym Instructor


Our Gym Instructor Course is a fantastic first step into the fitness industry and the foundation for further progression to becoming a personal trainer. It will make you desirable for employment in any gym across the UK.

You will receive comprehensive learning resources and all the guidance and support needed to pass the course.

Here are some of the career options available to you as a qualified Gym Instructor:

  • Work full-time or part-time as a gym instructor within a health and fitness club
  • Become a gym supervisor or fitness manager within a health and fitness club
  • Deliver popular group classes (by taking CPD modules) including Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells or Core Stability
  • Build towards becoming a personal trainer by completing the remaining personal trainer modules
  • Specialise in working with older adults or prenatal and post-natal women

On the course you will learn to…

  • Identify the major bones, muscles and muscle actions of the body
  • Explain the workings of the body’s cardiovascular (CV) and energy systems
  • Identify the components and principles of fitness
  • Relate the Health and Safety at Work Act to the gym environment
  • Identify excellent teaching skills in order to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes
  • Identify good customer care and strategies for the adoption and maintenance of physical activity
  • Plan, teach and evaluate a gym programme
  • Demonstrate good personal technique on a range of CV equipment, fixed resistance, free weights and body weight exercises
  • Apply specific health checks
  • Apply basic skills that will enable you to include older adult, disabled, and antenatal and post-natal client groups in your sessions.


Price - £700.00

This course enables you to become a Gym instructor and will take 5 weeks to complete. This price is the total you will pay for this qualification and includes:


  • YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym-Based Exercise)
  • Recognition from REPs
  • 20 REPs points
  • Over 25 hours of face-to-face learning
  • full course materials
  • exam papers
  • online support
  • small group and personal learning


Course Details

All our courses operate at Braintree Leisure Centre, Panfield Lane, Braintree. Please note, if the minimum number of participants is not reached then the course may have to be rescheduled.


Next available course:





Day 1: 20th October     9am- 4pm

Day 2: 21st October      9am- 6pm

Day 3: 3rd November   9am- 3pm

Day 4: 4th November   9am- 1pm

Day 5: 17th November 8am- 1pm





Day 1: 12th Jan            9am- 4pm

Day 2: 13th Jan            9am- 6pm

Day 3: 26th Jan            9am- 3pm

Day 4: 27th Jan            9am- 1pm

Day 5: 9th Feb             8am- 1pm



Day 1: 4th May            9am- 4pm

Day 2: 5th May            9am- 6pm

Day 3: 18th May          9am-3pm

Day 4: 19th May          9am-1pm

Day 5: 25th May          8am-1pm



Day 1: 21st September     9am- 4pm

Day 2: 22nd September   9am- 6pm

Day 3: 5th October            9am- 3pm

Day 4: 6th October            9am- 1pm

Day 5: 19th October          8am- 1pm